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  1. Just Canada I am not sure when New Moon comes on post, it seems to be a bit delayed to the regular schedule of releasing movies.
  2. oh good to know that, I eally want to watch the newmoon soon!!! I read that your working on your GC, where are you from anyway?
  3. yeah I have been to the theater like 3 times. its $4 and cash only (maybe check too i cant remember) but usually pretty full so not sure if you want to bring a newborn there for germ reasons.
  4. um ya we should, have you ever watch a movie on post? I just had a baby so I dunno if if could ever get out.. LOL...
  5. Cool, I don't really know post very well since we live off post, but I *do* know the PX/commy and Movie theater
    Nice to meet you too! We should meet up for coffee some time, I am dying to meet people here lol!
  6. we live on post at midway common.. nice to meet you btw
  7. Seven Oaks area
  8. hey! im at ft meade also, where you at?
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