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  1. I've got my fingers crossed for you! I hope he calls too!
  2. yeah the most we have went is 5 days and that was plenty. Hope he calls tonight or tomorrow...
  3. 2 days really? Yikes! I'd be losing my mind too. I'm sure he's okay though..
  4. that really blows! AAAhhhh the military life. Havent heard from DF in 2 days.I'm kind of going crazy.
  5. well i just found out he'll be home for like 2 weeks and then has to leave for another month or so..but oh well.
  6. its good that your df is coming home soon. im envious!
  7. hey! I've been around..not on the site much. DF's coming home really keeping busy.
  8. hey where have you been?
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