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  1. a whole year!? Wow. I'm sure you'll do alright though.
  2. It will be a year when he finally does leave... but I feel the same way about planning things! Sometimes it is just frustrating! lol
  3. Aww..will he be gone for a year when he deploys? Yeah mines gone and we have no idea when he'll be coming home. It's so hard not knowing..I can't plan anything!
  4. oh wow... he's already gone! I'm sorry! How's it going for you?
  5. Hi!! yeah my DH is deploying someitme this year, we just don't know when. but he is leaving next Wednesday for NTC for two months, which I'm not looking foward to! but oooh well! When does yours leave??
  6. Hey girlie! So you're about to go through a deployment too? We just finished our first and he's gone again..but just thought I'd say hi since your DH is Army too!
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