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  1. lol, ok-- thanks...
  2. It fit me back when I bought it and I can not remember what pant size I was then. The bottoms still fit me its the ah..boobage I have an issue with. It like covers one nip lmao!! Plus there is the issue of the nasty bellah leftover from the bebehs!
  3. it fit you right??
    What pant size are you?
  4. ;O I hope so too!!
  5. sweet!
    I'm excited. lol.

    ((I just hope it fits. lol))
  6. Cool!! Ill let you know when I get it!!

  7. I sent it out in todays mail!!

  8. I'll get the order for you as soon as I can...
  9. Yep still have it and its all yours
  10. ok. I have the money now....
    I'll go get the money order ASAP if you still have it...
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