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  1. So you're in Hampton Roads now? If you ever wanna chat on facebook, That should be my link We lived in Hampton Rds for 12 years before we moved here, so we still go up a lot to visit.
  2. Ya thats gotta suck, doing the extra days ahead and after. Ya i moved home about a month before, when we took Christmas leave. So now im just hoping this all works out, because Im staying here untill they go out, so i can not miss more time with them. if they dont go.
  3. Yeah, they go on most of the workups. He's there right now. They go up to NOB a couple of days ahead and come home a couple of days later. And I really hope it isn't a repeat of last time. We came up for it and it was crazy!
  4. Gotcha, so we will be in the same boat, soon :/ Im just hoping its not a repeat of last time! So does he go on the work ups with the boat?
  5. Hi! Yep, my DH is attached to the Truman. His squadron will be deploying on board.
  6. Hey I saw a post from a while ago, but is your DH still deploying with the truman? My DH is on the truman
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