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  1. Hey there, I have my moments and they are usually short-lived. Thank you for the support. I just wish that things were'nt happening like they are. I just keep praying for my SO and I. So how are you and your SO doing?
  2. well I guess ok... Are you doing better??Its like almost Friday enjoy yourself have some fun laugh a little... this will make you happy If you need someone to talk to Im here so dont get down...turn that frown upside down Remember...Tough time dont last, but tough people do... stay focused and busy like no other and the time will fly by... well i think thats what they i dont know...but im here and my im is
  3. Hmmm, that well....I'm ok didnt sound OK? How are you holding up?
  4. well... im ok... hi how are you???
  5. Hi, I saw your post on Sweetcakes site. Just wanted to see how you are doing. And trust God! Is your SO on deployment?
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