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  1. i know its ok he will be back in a blink...keep your head up and keep the FAITH Everything will work out...
  2. O okay that's good girl! What's wrong why you are so dreary! I know the time difference ain't no joke and the once a day talking is better than no talking but still hard. I just want my hubby home. :'(
  3. yeah i finally figured out the picture are you doing today?? Im doing not that great...I dont know the lack of communication is crazy I am about to get another military sos lol jk I am just having a very off terrible lonely depressed sucky mad day ok sorry to damper you with my woes but u know how it is at times
  4. I see you figured how to get the pic up and let me just say that it is hot!! I actually inserted the pic into my signature and there it was in my about me portion & yes we must keep the faith. God is the only one who knows and sees all! Yes my DH was my missing piece and I feel complete with him in my life.
  5. i just read your status... that is so sweet how you two met... It is very difficult to find someone you just connect with. Like finding your missing piece... your best friend and soul mate... i feel you....but ummm... how did you upload the pic on the about me tab...did you just paste
  6. well i think your page rocks!! ummm... there's not too much to say... I think we are all in the same boat missing our so but we have to stay strong and keep the faith right?? what have you been up to? I will so upload a pic as soon as i figure out how to make the pics smaller lol...
  7. I love your page girl! Yeah she and I write a lot! My DH is in the Guard as well and leaves for Iraq within the next few weeks. Feel free to text me and PM me! I know we all need support it can get really tough. Tell me somethings about you!
  8. ok soooo i am new to this thing and sgt linnell's girl put me on it... cool... i would so im tryin to add you as a friend but i dont know how
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