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  1. db say what... girl you finished textin and i was on the phone and ummm yeah...wowow your lucky and im i dont know regardless have fun tomorrow im excited deep down for youstay sweet and keep adoring lol
  2. just saw your status...glad to see im adored
  3. ok i had to erase that one
  4. nope no one at lwoods....GIRL!! I know what you mean. I feel like i have nothing in common with my friends now that I'm in the "military" life. So yea I know what you mean about not being able to relate!! The only person who knows is his EX and even though she says she's going to "be there" it's HIS EX??!? that's just too weird for me!! From what DB told me, communication wont be as frequent. SO give him time and dont stress out!! You'll go insane trying to figure out why he hasnt contacted you. and him not sharing his feelings...well from what I've heard and read, this happens alot when they deploy. I think they build walls around their feelings while they are over there...where is your DB at?? Just be there and he'll love you for supporting him!!
  5. ok question... you know anyone that did basic at lwoods well i did but if you know someone there or going in jan let me know....
  6. i had to erase everyone could see
  7. I'm good! ready for the weekend! How are you?? got any plans??
  8. Hey girl... how have you been??? I hope your doing ok....
  9. oh its ok... it almost time for his return... and even if he comes back a tad different... he is always going to be the same person underneath so his spirit never left...he just needs some help bringing it back his body will be girl all that working out he will be so built... hope that made you smile Everything will work out keep the faith
  10. Hey hope you had a good weekend. I've been trying to stay busy with school and work and I have his son on the weekends so that helps sometimes. But I am just having difficulties concentrating and focusing right now, I am missing him so much. Actually, I had a dream Sat night that I lost him in an accident, and ever since then I've felt like crying! I've heard what people have said about marrying military men.....We've only touched the subject of getting married a couple times, but if we did, I know he would never hit me. I just hope being away doesnt change him, at least not completely. OH i do miss him though!!
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