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  1. hey, i've heard of it. my husband's family goes to wayne, maine every year during the summer and we always saw it from a distance. We always thought we would stop by at some point but never made. i bet its beautiful. just let me know, whenever you would like to meet up. i'm unemployed right now, hopefully, i'll get a job soon because i'm going insane staying at home good luck with the holiday season! i used to work for retail and i know how hectic it can get.
  2. I'm in Freetown. Pretty much nobody has ever heard of it. haha.
    I'd love to meet up in the city sometime. My schedule is getting hectic because of the holidays, but if I can get a manageable day off, I'll let you know!
  3. hey, yup i'm in boston. where are you? i know it sucks being apart. good luck with the wedding plans i hope everything goes well with the command sponsorship in germany too. let me know if you want to hang out. i don't have a car but if there is a place that i get by the T, i'll be there
  4. I saw you are in Boston! I am about an hour south of you.
    My DB is in the Army too, stationed in NY. It sucks being apart, but we'll hopefully be getting married sometime next year.
    I hope everything goes well with your getting to Germany!
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