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  1. We left Atsugi about a year ago, but I'd be happy to answer your questions. We have no pets and no kids so I can't help much with those sort of questions, but I can help with other stuff. We lived off base and loved it, but I think they key is finding a house close to base, and also close to a train station (within easy walking distance). Being able to walk to the train station was so wonderful.
  2. After reading over the SOS comments on Atsugi I saw that you had recently posted and seems you are still be in Atsugi or if not are very informed about the area. My husband just received order there and my family and I are headed to Japan in mid April 2014.
    As you have probably experienced yourself, my mind is racing with so many questions! Especially about housing off base vs onbase, and if leaving our cats behind would help us a lot in finding housing sooner....leaving them tears me up but we not sure if we can afford bringing them.
    I am praying my husband gets a good sponsor who is willing to help us out, especially with housing and settling in.
    I am 35, and have 2 boys (11 and 4). My husband will be the new physician assistant at the Naval Branch Health Clinic there on base. Overall we are all excited on the big move...especially my's me that is going crazy in my head with all of the planning and packing and future craziness...
    Please let me know if you are willing or interested in helping me answer some of my questions during this transition period. Thanks for everything you have already has been priceless information! Jenn
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