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  1. I'm no longer in Atsugi so unfortunately I can't offer much current info. I doubt it has changed very much though. In general, people seemed to always be able to find something in their BAH (actually, OHA) though. It sucks that Atsugi doesn't have an AHRN but I believe Cam Zama, the nearby Army base does. If you want a rough idea of how far your money will go and the size of houses, sign up for AHRN and stalk the listings. A few of them might actually be close enough to consider for Atsugi, but mostly it will just give you an idea of what is available for the price.
  2. Hi there, villanelle! I just wanted to say that your thread about living off base in Atsugi was interesting and very informative. But, if it's not too much trouble I do have a question for you. My wife, my son and I are due to arrive in Atsugi around Aug. 2013 and I was just wondering about the current housing market in the area and if you have any tips for a young family like us. Any kind of suggestions or advise would be great as this will be our first time traveling overseas as a family.
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