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  1. I'm doing pretty good too except for these damn allergies this wind is killing me!
  2. Hey hey! I'm doing pretty well, how about you?
  3. Hey girl just dropping by to see how your doing.
  4. Someone posted it on my boss's facebook muahaha
  5. omg where did you find that? Lol that is too funny!
  6. Good idea. Looking forward to our next date! Get at me.,
  7. No I think I just gotta be smart and wash my hands next time, or just eat them with a fork like you do.
  8. Damn girl, you gotta get naked or milder wings from now on! And we better go on another date by the end of the month
  9. BWW once a month it is! Lol duuuuude I didn't wash my hands after eating those wings and when I got in the truck I rubbed my eye, holy fucking shit it burned.

    Note to self: Wash your fucking hands after eating wings!!!!
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