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  1. Hi! Merry Christmas!
  2. What course are you studying?
  3. Oh that'd be great! It'll be wonderful to speak to someone who understands it all (face to face haha, all my military wag's are online).
  4. Nice! Let me know when you move out here, we should catch up!
  5. Oh I love Brisbane, going to be moving there in a few months for Uni. I'm with the Army. I've just been tagging along too haha. DB is currently deployed though so I'm by myself for the first time in awhile! It's certainly different, but sometimes nice too!
  6. Hi there!
    I'm down south a bit from you, near bris! You on posting? What service? We are RAAF (well, he is, I just tag along, lol)
  7. Hi AussieWife! I'm new to this place and am amazed I have found so many Southern Hemisphere-ers. Which part of Australia are you from? I'm North Qld
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