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  1. today was strike day (jan,4) due to some issuess with new really unsure what really went down.

    greg and I arent offically together yet..we have been talking for awhile now..and things are good with us.
  2. What's been going on today that's strange? How long have you and your beau been together?
  3. yea well IM black and greg is white and in the army national guard. he is really sweet and nice looking. I like it here also but who knows i really dont know too much about the drama thats been going on round here..but i did join the other group..its been real strange round here today though.
  4. Nope, you're not out of place. My baby is my white chocolate lol. We've been together a year and some months now and life is just good stuff, ya know? What branch of the military are you or the guy you are talking to in? I like MSOS...I've met some great ppl here and since I don't really get involved in drama I don't see any reason to leave.
  5. im doing ok debating rather to stay or go from this site or not...

    im hope im not out of place but right your guy is white right//

    if so thats cool cause im talking to a white guy also...i like him he is so cute.
  6. Thank you! I am doing well. How are you doing?
  7. hey i love your siggy how are you??
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