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  1. What the hell is going on here? I leave for 3 weeks and the whole stinking operation falls apart! How are you doing?
  2. That's awesome you are gonna see him in NY. Have you ever been to NY? How long are you staying here? Hopefully I'll still be in HI when you go down. Maybe we can meet up. I am excited and a bit nervous about meeting his folks and moving. But his confidence and giddiness is my strength!! He is like a little boy on Christmas morning and that just fills me with joy!!
    I hope you and our beau have a fabulous Christmas and a happy,healthy New Year. I'll ttys!
  3. that is SO AWESOME!!! i'm excited for you are you all ready for everything? meeting the parents and moving can both be such a weird combo of excitement and stress, and totally so awesome. i'm 14 days away from seeing him in ny for xmas ...and as of now, i'll visit hawaii in april and move there in july!!
  4. How's everything on your side of the world girl? Where are you on your countdown to Hawaii? I'm 19 days from meeting his folks and & 26 from the big move!
  5. I am moving there to be with him and meeting his family for Christmas so marriage seems to be on the horizon. I'm just enjoying the blessings of the moment and leaving tomorrow to tomorrow. You have done lovely during this deployment. Kudos to you and your beau!
  6. its on o'ahu. are you getting married and moving there to be with your SO??
  7. Oh sweet!! I am moving out there in January! What island is that base on?
  8. yup!! he's at mcbh (k-bay). i'll be visiting for homecoming, my spring break... and then moving there next summer
  9. Is your beau stationed in Hawaii?
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