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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!
  2. yes ma'am!!
  3. u still up for incahoots next wk???
  4. thanks for the invite, we will be doing xmas pics/shopping saturday... wednesday is fine since it gets packed quickly about what time would you like to go... free dance lessons are at 630pm i usually go around 7pm on wednesdays.... ill pm you my cell
  5. well i'm having my birthday party on saturday and your more then welcome to come wednesday would be the only day next week and this week i'm so busy with work i dont think i'll have time.
  6. haha.... ok if ur up for it either tuesday, wednesday (its really packed on wed) or thursday then... mondays the bar is closed.

    or we could go this wk instead???
  7. i'LL BE in Vegas that friday lol.. we have to figure out something haha
  8. of course. that wkend after will be good. wanna go friday and we will celebrate ur bday?
  9. sounds good happy bday to your daughter mine is dec 8th we should go the day after my bday?
  10. sure after thanksgiving... im up for anyday (just have to check dh schedule so he can watch her....with exception on dec 6th we are having dd 2nd bday party on that evening)

    let me know whats good and ill pm u my cell - i usually go around 730/800pm and stay til/ or after midnight depending on mood
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