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  1. first congrads on ur marriage. things are going good, navy is changing dh job from bm to Qm just waiting on offically start date. thanks i cant believe dd will be 2 in december *i havent add new pics on the sos i have tons on my myspace page though. shes is the little monkey and hell raiser. weve been doing a mom and tots class once a wk to get her in a playgroup type thing like preschool and started her in sunday school at our church this past sunday. so far so good. just been busy we got dd a parakeet wilson is her name she looks like a tennis
  2. hey stranger! Things are great right now. Married Kevin in June, came down to live w/him in NC august, and we just bought a Dogo Argentino puppy! Honestly I feel content for the first time in a while.

    How are things w/you? your daughter is beautiful!
  3. hey angie how are you its been too long. miss ya
  4. one day is diffidently better than none. im doing ok, just counting down the days till jeff comes home from deployment and dealing with our daughter whos teething and learning to walk...... were doing good it will be nice to have him home, im glad we get one more vtc with him before the ship starts to head home.
  5. things are really good. I am back home in PA and Kev has about 6 more months of schooling/training until he's stationed w/a Marine unit. Just going to school right now, but I get to see him tomorrow for a friends wedding....yay! one day is better then none right? lol

    How are things w/you?
  6. Angelina how are you doing. hows kevin?
  7. alot. dh is deployed... sigh... dd (elizabeth rose) will be six months on the first. still living in san diego in military housing. so far everything is crazy but going well. enjoy your summer... how are you and kevin???
  8. omg! yea it's been forever. Things have been crazy for me. And wow has the site changed since the last time i was on. I think for me, the website got too overwhelming for me. All the women, oppinions, and jealousy(mostly in me). Plus I became obbsessed w/being online and not studying in my text books lol. So now I'm in NC w/kevin for the summer. So I have a lot of time to spare. So i figure i'll come back to my military roots.

    So whats new? the baby is adorable! Hope all is well, where are you now? well can't wait to hear how things are.
  9. hey angelina how have you been??? havent heard from you in awhile
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