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  1. lady, Yes everything is great I started a job at the video store my by house part time. He is fine, just find out he deploys in june. Congrats I know you are soo happy to se him. Vilseck is so boring. But its ok. well I wil TTYL hope to seeu soon.
  2. Hey girl, I know its been awhile. I have been soo busy. I started working full time and with school and everything I barely even log onto here anymore. How is everything with you? I hope good. My DH comes home in 3 days!!!!! : ) : ) I am soo freakin excited. Just trying to get everything ready for him. How is your man? And how you liking vilseck so far? ttyl Miss you
  3. Hello lady I haven't talk to u in it seems like 4eva. Hope all is well with you
  4. yea i know i need the but as far as our wedding were getting marreid at my church in NC. plans are going ok but were thinking that we wnt have any bridesmaids or groomsmen because all of his friedns are in the army and its gonna be kind of hard for them to take leave and come hrs away to be there which sucks badly . but it will be i know u hate that wen my hubby was deployed last yr it sucked very badly but he took R&R for christmas so it was ok. but he leaves again in June right when ur husband comes back..but i got my license bout a month ago happy that test is over and done trying to get in school over here they really dnt have my major so i have to figure something out real soon.. yea we must make plans very soon to meet up..cnt wait to meet u. well i'll talk to u later girly be safe.
  5. Hey girl,
    I am glad to hear about the job interview. I hope that you get it I will send you good luck from here. And, money, money...MONEY!! It seems like you have been getting around pretty well. I haven't been that far out except to a couple of places. I have been busy so I feel like I need to hurry up and get back out before the weather gets too cold. Speaking of wedding how are the wedding plans goiing? Where are you getting married at? As for my hubby we don't find out when his r & r is until next month I think/hope. He will be gone for a year though, so he won't be permenantly back until next May/June : I would love to meet up with you too before winter as well. Did you get your license? It wasn't that bad for me, but I studied. Love ya and ttyl too. I will keep my fingers crossed for your job interview.
  6. well the job thing is going ok pose to go to an interview tue crossing my fingers i get it. its at a daycare...and that is great about ur job!!!! money, money, money, im gonna try and take a class real soon but most likely it will be in jan cnt wait to finish to..but we have been to amberg and numberg,..not that many places because cause money isn't the way we wnt it to be we have a wedding coming up in nov so were saving to go home with that..but i also wnt to got somewhere..idk bout oct. feast because too much drinking for but maybe i can find sumwhere soon..and has ur hubby got home yet???? love ya 2 talk to u later be safe!!!
  7. OMG, I did NOT fall of the earth. LOL How is everything with you. I am good...just busy. I started another class for school and it is more time consuming than I am used to. How goes the job search. My job gave me the good news that they are going to make me permanent full time so that means I will be getting a raise soon. I am soooo happy. that will really help us out. How is your man doing? I hope good. Have you gone to any interesting places yet. I want to go somewhere new this weekend now that the weather has calmed down a bit. It was too damn hot for me last month. luv ya and ttyl
  8. omg have u fallen off the face of the how are u its been a long time hope all is well with great just looking for a job asap!!!! well ttyl
  9. everything is good wit me tooo...yes finally i do love germany NOW since i can taking the semester off right now so i will be going back in the spring my classes got all messed up and i was over here so i had no way of getting back in them yea it is nice to make new friends over here..he hates his new unit they wnt him to do htheir job but dnt want to promote him for it which suckz on the other hand he is suppose to go to the board real soon so thats good. i havent found work yet but hopefully i will soon.when does ur hubby get back..i know u miss him like crazy..well whenever u get time would b nice to meet up with u..well till next time we talk take care
  10. hey girl,
    How is everything with you? It sounds like you are doing well..loving Germany just as I am. I have just been working and having fun taking a two week break from school!!! Thanks goodness I needed it. Have you found work yet? I hope you get to find something soon. How does your SO like his new unit? It is always nice to make a few friends right off the bat. Well ttyl and I would love to meet up with you too one day. Take care!!
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