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  1. Anyway..about school.
    I transferrd to the University of Phoenix a little over two years ago. Out of my 25 credits I lost 6 of them because they did not transfer. I think that it would be good for you because the University of Phoenix is known for working with the military. Some people say online school is harder..but I love it because you can go when you have time. Also I moved to Germany and didn't lose any credits..LOL.
    It was not hard to just have to fill out the application. How do you pay for school now? If it is with financial aid then everything else is the same. You fill out a new FAFSA every year. Anyway I hope that this helps and I will TTYL
    Peace Out
  2. Hey girl,
    It does take a lot of work to PCS to a different country. As soon as I found out I printed out a checklist from this website that was very helpful and made you think of things that you may forget. I posted a link below:

    Here you can print out a calender and also phone listings of your current and new duty station. My advice is to get whatever you can done early..the date just sneaks up on you. Another piece of advice..use like a binder or large file folder that you can organize your move in. I used an accordian file with 12 seperate slots to organize with. Make sure you have like 25 copies of your DH orders because you will need them!!!
  3. i have been thinkn bout that alot also my parent really dnt want me to get married they think ima quite skool as if my DH would let me...but do they transfer credits i would hate to lose mine but i feel that is the onli choice i have is to go online. since you are alrdy over there did it take you long to get everything st8 for the army to pay 4ur move...and was it hrd 4 u to get in Phoenix really have helped me make my mind up..thanks so much it feels so much better hearing it 4rm some1 who has been in my shoes...but take to you soon..we should so be friends
  4. Hey Girl,
    How are you? We DO have the same BDay. That is awesome!!! And..its right around the corner. Have you thought of transferring schools? I know you may lose some credits, but then you could be with your man. I switched to online schooling because of its convenience..especially with the military. I go to the University of Phoenix and they even have a military discount. Just something to think about..Then you could have the best of both worlds. Also, over in Germany there are a lot of scholarships to take advantage of if you decide to enroll in a program over here. Well take care and I am always here to talk!
  5. thanks for responding to the thread...i know school comes 1st still trying to figure things out..hey me an you have the same b-day...thats krazy!!!! but again thanks
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