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  1. yes thank goin to do online this semester and from here on out..i go do my screening Monday. they say that i shouldnt have to wait so long for his orders to get amended hopefully not. he leaves in less than a month an im so said..happy to hear u saw ya DH i know that was really u know what kind of dogs u are able to take over there...i have a pit an im not sure if they allow em over there...well take care
  2. Hey girl,
    How are you?? Did you figure out that school problem?? I hope everything with that turned out good. I am glad you have a little while to plan ahead with the move and everything. I just cannot believe how much there is to do..Its insane!! I have been here for three months and I am just now getting settled in..phew. I started my first accounting class so thats good and my DH skyped me for the first time yesterday so I got to see him. Can't complain.Well ttyl and take care.
  3. hi partner
    how u doin havent talked to u in a im just checkin up on u...hope all iz well found out that i may be leaving in happy bout dat..well ttyl
  4. Hey girl,
    How are U? Its almost our BDay If your school can't accomodate you than you can always go somewhere else!! So don't worry too much about that. As far as I know each military member is allowed to ship one car on the Army's dime. If you wanted to ship a second car you would have to pay for it. If your DH will not be there to ship the car out you need a Power of Attorney and you will need 6 copies of his orders no matter what. You need registration, insurance cards and that gas level cannot be over 1/4 of a tank. I suggest you get the vehicle detailed and tell them you are shipping it because it has to be pretty clean..even under the hood. Also make sure that you make an appt because it is the busy season and at my office we are already booking into July! If you have any more questions just ask Okay!
    Well I will keep my fingers crossed for you for your school and I hope you have a great night!!
  5. oh yea since u work where the cars much and what is the process to get my car sent over there???
  6. im very happy tooo. im more than ready to spend da rest of my life with him. I attend North Carolina Central Unv. In Durham, NC. hopefully they will be able to work something out 4me. keepin my fingers to u later
  7. Hey,
    I am sooo happy for you. I am glad that you figured that school thing out. I know that it is important to be with your man...but equally important to finish school. Did they work something out with you?? What school do you attend now?
    I have been pretty good. Pretty busy with work and school. I started accounting today so I am happy about that. I went to school for 28 months and now I can get to the "good stuff". LOL. Well again I am happy for you and I bet your mom is happy that you are not quitting school!! Well I will ttyl take care!
  8. hello gurl,
    how are u doing today..hope all is well wit u and urz..well i made up my mind and im going to do online classes. my DH is clearing today and should be done this week which is very exciting. for this semester coming up im gonna stay enrolled where i am an take online class and in Dec. i will transfer if they dnt have a distance classes..hopefully they do. either way i decided to move to germany and b with him which i am so happy about..well talk to u soon bye for now
  9. Hey girl,
    how are you? Yeah, I have a job, I work at the POV Inspection office. It is where the cars come and go when they need to travel overseas. I have heard that it is hard to find a job over I guess I got lucky. I went to pick up my car in the beginning of April and the guy liked my personality and asked me to fill out an application. I had an interview and he picked me out of three people!! So now I am always telling him that my "charming personality" got me hired..LOL.
    I don't know if you have heard of it, but CPOL is the job database for over here. You can look up jobs by city as well. I think if you google it you will be okay. I hope things are good for you..let me know when you decide what you are doing with school?! TTYL
  10. ok thanks for the you have a job was thinkn bout employment when i get over there in case i ever get u have a great wknd
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