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  1. Congrats on the Condo. That is awesome! I am still in Anchor-town. Hating it. I actually just got back from two months vacation. He got PCS orders for Maryland so I drove cross country with him. Stayed a few weeks to help him get set up and then flew to CO for thanksgiving to see my bestie and sister and then came back here. Needless to say, things are tough. Him moving four months after deployment was soooo tough. I am adjusting to life but it's tough. His feelings have not changed making things 10 times tougher. Glad K is seeking some resources that should be helpful to him. I am glad to see that you guys are working on things too. You are so great to stand by through thick and thin. You're a tough cookie.
  2. I am wonderful!! Still with K, but no longer living together. He is going through therapy for anger management/PTSD and until he completes it, we have our separate living situations. My parents purchased a condo down here for me to live in, and I moved in the day after Thanksgiving. I love it! Finals are next week for me - four finals in three days, so I've been super busy procrastinating.

    How are things with you? Still in Anchor-town? Anything changed with the man situation?
  3. Yes, I am back. Good to see your still here too. I have only been back on the boards for two days but have been meaning to PM you. How are you?
  4. OMG! You're back!!!!!
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