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  1. Wifey!!! Sorry I have been MIA...I just wanted to let you know I am going to try to be on here more often, but you can always get ahold of me on facebook CLICK HERE

    How have you been? Are things better now?
  2. Hello it is me that hasn't been on for awhile. Communication is somewhat better every other week. This week is the hard week due to the shift he is working. The time difference is horrible! Now he found out the whole unit is changing their R&R and since he is not with his unit right now...he stayed back to help on another detail...he won't have any say in the dates of his R&R...he was pretty upset about that because he wanted to go to our camp site...The bowling tournament went good. I was actually sick the whole weekend and didn't end up bowling...i just went to socialize. Glad I did because one of my really good friends through the tournament opened up and told me she was a sgt in the army and has been deployed twice. She asked if I minded her talking to Ray. I told her heck no, you know more then anyone what he is going through. Are you adjusted to your sleep yet? I remember working was great if you had something to do during the day but I could never sleep till it was dark out side...
  3. Hey! sorry I have been away. I started my new shift at work and it is taking me a lil while to get used to it. I work nights now 11pm-7:30 am 5 days a week and it is a big adjustment with my sleep. I feel like a vampire, sleeping all day and only up at night.
    How are you doing? Is the communication better with your hubby now?
    How was your bowling tournament? Did you win anything?
  4. sorry I haven't been on here...when I get upset I withdrawal and trying to get communication figure out with DH has been stressful all in itself...the time difference sucks! When he can talk, I am working. When I can talk...he is sleeping...grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. oh wifey I am so sorry. I know it is hard, but you will get through it. You are a strong woman! I am here whenever you need to talk, at any time of the day. 708-522-3885
  6. How goes it wifey? I am having a really rough day/ hubbies unit are "packing"....grrrrrrrrrrr...I knew it was going to be hard but didn't realize how hard! I have had it easy these last 2 months because he has been state side..... Just struggling...sorry...needed to vent.
  7. We need jello shots for the get together!!! I work for Xerox right now, but I am looking for a job in my field since I graduated a few months ago. I went to school for surgical technology so just need a job, but no one seems to be hiring!
    I was thinking...maybe for the get together we can add bowling into the mix...I think that would be fun!
  8. I can always make some for when the Indiana ladies from here get together in July So what do you do for a living? I work with adults with disablities. I write their goals and behavior plans.

    As far as the can win money if you bowl well. However, since this is the one time a year we all get away...we usually have had alittle too much
  9. Oh that sounds like so much fun! I love bowling, but I am horrible at it. I hope you kick some butt when you are there! Do you get a prize if you win? This is a pretty crazy week on my end also. I just started working new hours and it is complete chaos where I work. I need some of those jello shots when I leave work lol.
  10. Happy Monday! This week is going to be crazy! I think I will be coming through your way this weekend. My girlfriends and I go to a bowling tournement every year in WI. It is called the Hobag Invitational. We will be leaving from Indiana Friday morning and heading North around chicago then on up into WI. Going to Fort Adkinson WI. It is a Blast. Making our 300 jello shots Wednesday night. Woot woot!
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