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  1. yeah my bf is definitley my bestest friend but it'd be nice to meet some people up here! ive been here for only a month and a half so it'll change soon hoping
  2. it stinks we still talk when she wants to talk to me and when she isnt busy with work and her df friends and what not but i have two friends im really close to now and i have my dh to
  3. last november me and my best friend had a huge falling out and haven't talked since she and i were like sisters! it was really hard cause we've been best friends for like 13 years but yeah friends are few and far betweem
  4. she does lol today she looked at me and took the wii off the stand and laughed at seven months old crazy. yea it is hard to find true friends my best friend of 6 years just had a fallin out not to long ago
  5. yeah that will keep ya busy!!! LOL never know what she'll get herself into! (: true friends are certainly hard to find these days!!!! (:
  6. awe im sry. i have been in va forever and i only have a few friends here. she does keep me busy very busy she is in the stage of she wants to get into everything
  7. well i bet that can keep you busy! but im so lonely while he's at work.....and i don't know like anyone up in this area.
  8. i had a job until i quit and now im stayin home with our baby girl all the time yay
  9. (: yeah i know, i need to get a job!
  10. lol im just watchin my dvr and not lookin forward to the dh going to work ugh
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