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  1. me to how are you
  2. I think he is!
  3. thats cool he is happy about it
  4. Oh wow dh hit his 2 yr mark a couple of months ago!
  5. lol i love stayin home with her lol no he has been in for almost two years june is his two year mark
  6. Oh let me tell you, its starting to get to me... Im starting to get bored outta my mind staying at home! did your Dh just join?
  7. awe man you are so lucky i cant wait to my dh makes rank so i can stay home we have a deal if i go to school i can stay at home at least untill she is in school
  8. Yeah being a parent is very rewarding! Im starting school in a few months so im going to be in your shoes soon! Ive been a stay at home mom for 3 years! What do you guys like to do for fun!
  9. I love bein a mom wouldn't trade for anything. It was ok. I wish I was home with my dd.
  10. I love bein a mom it's great. I wouldn't trade it for nothing. Even tho I walk arould like a zombie due to lack of sleep it's amazing. But she is startin to sleep through the night. I hated work. But it was was ok. Got bite a few times from a kid always fun lol
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