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  1. yup, we really dont like it,lol. & yes omg things are sooo much cheaper up here!! & yay for being able to wear your boots!! the only thing i like about fl is that i could wear flip flops all year long,lol. i like driving bare foot so it works out great, than again i'll wear flip flops in like 50/40 degree weather, so i can wear them for a while,lol. but yes i do enjoy being able to wear boots. ya it's beautiful in TN & nc, sc is nice too. we'll prob end up somewhere in that area, or where we are now, so i guess we'll have to see,lol.
  2. well I hear its beautiful out in TN and NC ... an the cost of living is better over there ... you can def get more bang for your buck up there ... I always used to want to get out of Florida an go to NY I have family there but last couple yrs thats changed I like visiting diff places an DB says he wouldnt want to live there just visit ... depending on how things go were hoping to stay in Broward maybe Miami area; we have a plan but its really what God has in store for us. I don't think I have ever heard any one say they hate S. Fl that much lol ... DB is not a fan of Northern Fl he is there for school an thats it ... I'm going there for 4 days in Nov I'm dreading that drive but it will be a little cooler than home so I can wear the boots I bought lol I've had them 2 yrs an only worn them once while DB was in Charleston for 4 months lol
  3. ya, northern fl is nicer. & even though like all his family & my parents & friends are in fl, we just couldnt ever move back, thats how much we hate south fl,lol. we want a lot of land & animals & all that, & you cant get that in south fl,lol. & the rest of my family is in ny, although i dont think we'd go up there,lol.
  4. Yeah that I will admit sucks ... Our seasons are hott rainy hotter burning lol ... There is a lot to do here Though DB is up north for school he's a Gator he loves the school & atmosphere so do I for that matter but there is way more to do down south beaches are closer everything is like within a 15 -20 min radius me an him grew up here our family an friends are here I couldn't see moving if we didn't have to
  5. ah thats cool, i know where that is,lol. & ya we just both hate Fl, great place to visit but we hate living there, so we'll either possible come back to the area we're stationed in now, or TN or some area around there. we love the cold, well not too freezing but we actually like having different seasons,lol. & not so crowded, we want some land & stuff like that.
  6. Oh ok I know where Margate is I'm actually not to far borderling Plantation & Sunrise!!! Once DB & I settle down we want to stay local depends on where our careers take us mine is more flexible than his chosen career path but when we cross that bridge well worry about it then kwim?!?!! Anyway nice to meet a local!!!
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