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  1. oh I remember boot camp I wish I had known about this site when my DB left, I found it this past Feb when he was overseas ... he only has 18 months on his contract left an so far I dont think he's re-signing ... he says no but until his actual separation date its not in stone kwim?!?! trust me though at the of basic when you see him in his dress blues an you see him marching you will love it!!! make sure you guys go to riverwalk I think its called its beautiful over there then again I havent been there in 4 yrs but unless its changed it is an hott especially during the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm here if ya want to talk
  2. yea thats the same reason my DB chose the movie. Yea I'm pretty new, my guy left for AF BMT on June 30th
  3. that is funny lol ... well you two started younger than us ... we been together since were 17 ... he chose that movie purposefuly cause he knows i get scared easily lol ... are you new to the site???
  4. omg, I just a read a thread where you tell about your relationship and you posted yours and our similarities are uncanny! haha, my guys name is daniel too and he is in the air force. Our first movie was the exocysist too! And we said "i love you" at 1 month also. We've been together since 8th grade, and it will be 5 years soon. I also see that he is of another ethnicity and so is my guy, he is half mexican and half polish! Just thought the resemblence was funny.
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