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  1. Hah! That's an excellent way to think about it!
  2. Yep, only a year..... That's really just two rounds of OSUT, right?
  3. Oh that is nice that you're over the initial shock. I just found out a couple weeks ago. He is Army Reserves. It sounds like he will be gone a year also. Bummer Oh well, it is only one year, right?
  4. Yeah, seriously! We've known about it for a few months so I'm over the initial shock. When he originally got his orders to Bragg it was for a non-deployable unit and we were really excited. Then when he checked in he switched units and found out about the deployment. As of right now he'll be gone for a year. How about yours? And your DB is National Guard, right? We will definitely get through this though!!
  5. O my goodness we're like Army SO twins! Suchhhhh a bummer. I am so sorry to hear you are in the same boat. Any idea how long it will be for? That'd be really neat if our men were together. We'll get through this!!
  6. Hey, I just saw that you posted in the Mar/Apr deployment thread. I'm sorry. We're looking at April too.
  7. Wonderful! Thank you! I was planning to dress up for graduation and I was starting to worry I would be the OddBall for dressing up lol.
    He graduates in 12 days! I cannot believe it! I am sooo excited!

    Sounds like a fun Mini Vaca! Enjoy!!
  8. Shorts and tennis shoes should be fine. I wore shorts and flip-flops-- no one was really dressed up. I dressed up more for graduation though. And remember it will be hot and humid!!

    We're starting our drive to Bragg on Monday. We're hanging out in a hotel here in Denver for the weekend!! It's kind of like a mini-vacation!!

    How much longer do you have until grad??
  9. Sorry to bug you (AGAIN!) I have a trivial question... For family day is there any like "typical dress" I should prepare for? I was just going to wear like shorts and tennis shoes... will that look out of place or be okay?
    I hope you are doing well! Are you all moved to Ft Bragg?!
  10. Jacob said the same thing about not getting treated differently when the phases changed. It really just depends on what company they end up in as to how they are getting treated. I know the group a week behind him got their phones back as soon as they were in AIT, and Jacob didn't get his until the week of graduation.

    We stayed at the Fairfield Inn and it was nice. It's close to everything (not that there's much in St Robert!) and we could walk to restaurants and stuff. I'd stay there again if I had to go back to FLW for something. I know hotels book REALLY quickly so I'd probably try and get a reservation ASAP!

    Does your DB come home after graduation?
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