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  1. Haha o ya I live like 20 mins from Manito lol. O ya some guys are just that way. Ya I'm doing good just in severe pain. Darn pinched nerves but got a call from db today so I was stoked lol how ru??
  2. My ex lives a couple of streets over from Manito park, does that make sense to you? I don't know much about the city at all, but I do remember that. While I tend to think he's a jerk (as a boyfriend) he is a great guy and a great friend, one of my best friends, even now. I was just having a moment when I posted the other day haha, I have a lot of those! How are you doing?
  3. Lol what part of Spokane does ur ex live in?? Haha ya some guys are like that
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