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  1. wow. yeah you should always hope for the best but prepare for the worst. DB originally told me before he even deployed that his tour was going to last 13-15 months, .but the night before he shipped off he told me he'd see me in Dec. of '09. I'm just pretending like his tour is still 13-15 and just like u if he comes back in Dec. WOO WOO! haha. Yes ma'am i'm trying SO hard to stay busy, and it's actually working. I'm at peace. (plus the fact that DB got internet and we talk almost everyday helps! haha) How are you???
  2. that is alright, well there is a possibility of extension - im hoping that wont happen but if it did im ready for it. DB told me that it might happen so its better to know now that later when i expect him to come home in dec. so i adjusted my donut count - so if he goes home on the 12 month mark - thats a HUGE bonus. how are you these days? been keeping busy?
  3. Sorry i've been MIA and haven't responded. But good attitude! It most def is a new year and it DOES kind of help to say that my DB will be home later this year.
  4. mine was fairly alright. it was definitely hard knowing DB is in iraq but it is over...this is a whole new year...the year he will be home!
  5. My holidays were okay, now that i look back on them. It was hard while i was going through it, but now I'm okay. How was yours?
  6. hi there, how was ur holidays and how are you doing? I have to start the new year working and still have 3 shifts to go then off for a week so i can go visit my siblings who lives 1 hr away from here
  7. it has been very good! i was able to chat with DB and i had fun with my family last night playing bingo. how was yours?
  8. Sorry i haven't replied to your message. I'm just getting the hang of this site. I've been on it via my phone and it was harder for me to figure things out lol. Anyways...How has your Christmas been so far?
  9. happy you got an email...short but very sweet!
  10. Thank you so much. I haven't had a chance to talk to DB yet but he did call his mom and tell her to tell me that he loves me and misses me. That gave me a energy boost as well. But all of a sudden yesterday when I laid down to go to sleep it hit me like a ton of bricks and I broke down! Today was better though. I was too busy to be sad...I would like for us to get to know each other as well. Thank you for writing me! This site is helping so much. I'd hate to see what I would be like without it lol.
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