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  1. hey Kasey,

    hows everything going?? you settling in? can you believe weve nearly been here a month!!!

    i was wondering if you'd like to meet for a coffee soon??
  2. Got CS approved today, he goes to housing on Monday
  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean..We had all of our paperwork turned in and it had been signed by 4 people and then someone noticed that it didn't have a stamp of approval on it so we're having to redo it all I have an appointment Tuesday at Ft. Bragg which is a little over two hours away..hopefully everything works out this time. I got my for you!
  4. hey how are you??? any news yet?? im waititng too! i swear the army is effing stupid! - daily they would ask my husband when is your wife coming over, when, when? he eventaully submits the papers and now we are still waiting!!!!!
    i mean im not planning on coming til Oct but id like to know the paperworks in order and everything squared away !!!!!!!!!!! uhhhhhhhh! if im frustrated i can only guess how you are

    any news at all??
  5. Honestly, there's no telling... Friday one of his SGTs said the the commander had signed the packet and it was going up to more people...DH said that after we he gets that back if it looks like we're gonna have to wait longer before they pay for me to go over then he's just going to pay for my ticket and I can go over ASAP and stay with his sister and BIL who are already over there.
  6. any news yet about Vilseck??? when do you think you'll get there??
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