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  1. Hey just seeing how you were...I'm sad I never met you at graduation, but I probably saw you!
  2. Nah, DB's mom hasn't got the info yet either, the way josh found out the date was he was cleanin out an office and found a list of the dates
  3. So I know what their grad. date is just from my DB telling me, but have you gotten the official "graduation packet" or whatever that we are supposed to get? My boyfriend's mom is always freaking out because she doesn't want to book anything until we're absolutely positive about what's going on, and we haven't gotten anything yet.
  4. Oh thats so cool!! I bet they know each other. and me too!!!
  5. Oh wow, my DB is E-787-1 too! That's so funny, it's such a small world. Can't wait until this is all over!!
  6. yay
    im not sure what unit it is, but the second line of his address is E-787-1, i dont know what that stuff is for...
  7. Hey! My boyfriend is at FLW too, graduating the same day as yours!! (We can't write dates on here through.) Clearly our boys are together, lol, what unit is yours in?
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