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  1. my orginal wifey!!!oh no... i hope we didn't divorce, lol. i changed my siggy a lil while ago... and i need to fix itto get you all up in it! how are you doin??
  2. Did we get a divorce and I not know about it? :-( I'm not in your siggy anymore :-(
  3. Whazzzzup!!!!??
  4. hello wifey! i know, i feel like i havent talked to you in forever.... do you have internet again?? yes, the new boy is super great! haha... we kinda have to take it slow, seeing as he deployed and all. we need to catch up! how's the new house???
  5. Hey girl! Don't think I forgot about ya!! We probably won't have our internet turned back on until after the 15th :-( It sucks soo bad....I get so bored without! XOXOXOX
  6. I will be without internet until Mid-May so I will be MIA every now and then. I hope you are having a great day!!! XOXOXO
  7. i wish you would have called me about DH's accident at work today, OMG. are you okay??? just be so thankful he's okay. engine room stuff scares the sh*t out of me soooo easily. but that's what they're trained to deal with, you have to remember that. i am SO GLAD he's okay. i luv ya wifey!!!
  8. Hey sweets....I was totally bummed out that he didn't like that other townhome but this new one we found is sooooo much nicer!!! And huge!!!! I posted the link in my thread.
  9. awwww. you are so sweet! your message and picture comments TOTALLY cheered me up!! yay for your townhouse shopping... good luck!!! (man, i have the awesomest wifey ever!!!)
  10. MUAH!!!!!! <3 <3 ***Giving some lovin to my wifey*** XOXOXOXOX
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