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  1. Hey there! I'm Monica and I'm currently a Navy fiancè! I live in new jersey and my man is in Virginia beach in school. I really need your help and advice! I saw on a forum that you and your hubby got married at Virginia beach court house (: we'll me and my man are having a ceremony in new jersey on April 12, 2014! Thing is we are planning first to do a courthouse ceremony in Virginia beach in a few weeks. ASAP, I just know my man will deployed soon or later but we wanna do courthouse within in a month if possible. Thing is I don't kno how to do it? I kno we need a marriage license n all but all numbers I call in VA end up not going thru. I need your help hunny! Any info or help you have pleased message me, and email me
    Also feel freee to text me! I hope to hear back soon!!!!
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