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  1. yeah for zoology id want to work with mammals specifically felidae! im really torn between the two fields im more of a hands on kind of person i want to do animal conservation and socializing cubs and rehabilitating them and so on and so forth, idk if my heart is in the medical field...idk im so confused :/ haha i just know i LOVE animals
  2. I absolutely love being a vet tech. I've been working with animals when I was 13 and have been a tech for about 5 years. I love going to work every day and all the things I get to do.
    If you every have any questions about the vet tech field , please feel free to ask.
    As for zoology, I do have a friend who works at a zoo and is in training in the fish/sea life section, and she loves that too!
  3. Hi i saw your going to school to be a vet tech, im going to school to be a vet assistant atm, i contemplated being a tech but i think my heart is more in zoology :/ how do you like it??
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