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  1. So delicious, as always! I love that's Taj Mahal, right behind where we were standing! And you didn't seem rude!! I felt so awkward calling your name I'm glad I did, though! Trust me, Teddy was on a tear two just a few minutes later. I had to literally drag him out of the carousel, kicking and screaming Bernkastel is my absolute favorite town in Germany, I could spend days there just looking at the buildings. We live like twenty minutes away, so if you're ever in the area again totally hit me up!
  2. It was great meeting you tonight too! I still can't over the randomness! lol - sorry if I seemed all over the place - Derren was in hyperdrive mode (after being too excited due to that car ride thing) and I was trying to not loose him! I forgot to introduce you to my friends (they have come to visit me from England) - sorry if that seemed rude! Bernkastel-Kues is so amazingly pretty - how was the Indian?
  3. It was so awesome seeing you tonight! How random!!
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