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  1. She's at Bristol University doing her masters in Social work/care....I was hoping for a base with some sun but we are off to Alaska in June!!!
  2. Really? It is a small world! lol! UWE? or Bristol University? I'm coming home to visit in May and I'm so excited!! LOL I'm surprised at how much I miss walking down the street ... and Cadburys of course!! We're stationed at Barksdale in Louisiana .. yuk!! We were previously in Tucson, Az, and I loved it there (so much sun!!).
  3. My sister is doing her masters degree in Bristol! Small world..where are stationed now then?
  4. I'm from Bath but have moved around, living in Cornwall (my dad is there), Bristol (my mum is there), London and then I moved up to Newmarket to live with my husband before moving to Arizona .. and then to this place
  5. where abouts in the UK are you from?
  6. Hi Welcome to MSOS! I've been living over here for over 2 years now and I miss England every day!! The move was pretty straight forward .. the worse part being dealing with USCIS!! Immigration sucks! lol! Are you looking forward to Alaska? I have always wanted to visit there ... instead we get stuck in Louisiana!! lol x
  7. hi! I just joined the site today and sawyour an English AF Wife too! Dh an I are still here in LAkenheath right now but PCS to Alaska in have you found the big move?
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