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    Awww, awesome!!

    I'm good, just chilling at home literally becuase I'm SNOWED in.

    have fun in Cali!!
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    Hi wifey.

    How are youuuu?
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    I'm making siggies again...first ten ladies who PM me with requests!
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    Hello new wifey
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    I could not believe how crazy she was towards me! Jeremy just laughed and said she's nuts. His mom tells me all the time how everyone was glad she was out of his life

    Non deployable is the best! J can't deploy here either unless he volunteers. It's a training base so they work here and then train guys that come out of tech school. But, unfortunately if we go to another base that's not like this then he has a chance of deploying. Buuuut...not worrying about that until we hear anything.
    I just hope he gets off work early tonight
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    Oh DH would do ANYTHING to get near VA. He's from Virginia. Culpeper VA. Of course his psycho ex gf has been harassing me lately...He cut off all ties to her LONG LONG ago since she's a little but she's harassing I keep saying i'd be scared if we lived by her..she might be sitting outside our window

    and boo he can't do andrews no maintenance unit same reason why can't go to too many damn places He'd be ok with Langley..he said they deploy alot of out there though
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    where'd you guys move?
    We might be PCSing here soon...well maybe soon maybe next october. They're getting rid of the F15s here and J is a jet engine mechanic on those so he'll be leaving with them. We were supposed to be leaving by this january but congress decided the 15s are staying here a little longer

    ooh yea I definitely believe the first year statement and apparently a year and 2 months is right up there with the first year
    It's definitely tough sometimes
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    I know!! It's been forever!
    I'm doin ok..DH and I were kind of hitting a rough patch...and of course him going back to mids shift doesnt help because that's the shift that makes him all moody . But, we're progressing and everything is feeling better. I'm getting more and more classes done thank goodness.
    how are you!?
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    I just started following you on twitter!
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[FONT="Georgia"][CENTER][SIZE="5"]What do you believe in?[/SIZE][/CENTER]
[SIZE="3"]I'm probably not going to reply to comments left, I just want to give the ladies (and the few men we have) who stumble across this, including myself the chance to step back and examine this question. What do you believe in? It can be god, it can be love, it can be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You can interpret this question comically or seriously. I just think everyone

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The sound of his knuckles on the door caused me to curl myself up even tighter. The blanket that was loosely draped over my knees was now pulled tight, taut. I was forbidding myself to answer. I never said I was an easy person to understand nor have I ever claimed to be honest. I make mistakes. Admitting that I make mistakes doesn't take the sting of them away for everyone but at least I can be honest about sometimes being dishonest. I'm working on it. He knocked again, and again, and again. He

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I believe that sometimes people write the things that they can't say, or at least that is how it works for me, and so tonight I write. I write because I feel so many things and yet can not form the words to say them. Tonight I write to free myself from one of the most immense pains that I have ever felt, caused by one of the deepest cuts I have ever received. Tonight I write for me, and not for anyone else. Tonight I just write.

I never believed that it was possible to loathe and

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by an everyday love on 06-25-2008 at 06:34 PM
[FONT="Georgia"][CENTER][SIZE="5"]"Long-term," she says, "we're all going to die. Then our bodies will rot. No surprise there. Short-term, we're going to live happily ever after."


"Really," she says. "So don't sweat it."[/SIZE][/CENTER]

No offense to Chuck Palahniuk, but I'm not all that interested in the long-term. In the, what if, maybe when, if ever we get there, are we there yet,

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