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    aww that picture is too cute. My name is Shauna, just so you kmow whos adding you lol. Yea im sure i will have fun when it comes. Plus my mom would be so mafd if I wasnt. I cant wait to see DB again... whenever that is. They NEVER let him have leave.
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    My first semester will end on Dec 10th. It feels like i've been here forever though. I'm already in a different dorm so I may as well skip all of this and just be a spohomore lol. Aww you should tell me when you get them up. I'm decently excited for thanksgiving. I can't wait for real food and shopping but I wish my dad wasn't going. IDK if i'm excited for Christmas or not yet but i'm for sure glad for a month off.
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    Me and the roomies are getting pizza Yea I thought of ultrasound too. Anything with a two year degree. I am already just so over college lol. Aww he must be a cutie I can't wait for thanksgiving.
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    I guess its like volleyball but you can bounce it off the walls. Volleyball os like my least favorite sport haha. Yea i should. Our caf is closed and I hate walking to the other one I find it depressing to walk there and eat alone idk. Anyways that sounds yummy. I am majoring in secondary ed right now, next semester i'll be trying out a social work route but i'm think about going home and getting a xray tech degree. What about you?? How old is your baby??
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    Thats good that it's fixed now I'm good just trying to figure out what to do with my day. Someone asked me if I wanted to play walleyball and I said yes but idk if I really want to. I'm also starving, I have weekends on campus lol. Are you in college
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    Hii How are you???
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    You said YES!! I you!!!
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    Well, Kelsey I have a lot lately and you know I really love you girly! I mean you have always been there for me and I love your for that. I know that we are both married (to the most amazing men) but I was wondering if you would be my wifey!! You are like the jelly and I am the pb&j! We go together so well!! I understand if you say no but I am going to that you say yes and here's a little something for you too and
    I you girl!! Hope you are enjoying your much needed time with your hubby so I am willing to wait for weeks to get this response I am such an overkill but I think you still me!! Well, I look forward to hearing your response!!
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    Merry Christmas!
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    Oh I'm just saying
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by kelsey<3jimmy on 06-17-2008 at 01:35 AM
jimmy just left for bootcamp. they came to take him away and bring him to the hotel on father's day, which made it especially hard. him and his dad have had their issues in the past but have grown pretty close ever since his mother passed away in january. i had been dreading this day for quite some time. but when the time came to say my last goodbye it wasnt has bad as i imagined it would be. it was hard, dont get me wrong. but i didnt totally lose it. which im really glad for. thats the one thing

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