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    I have finally gotten a car.....
    EEEKKK, I am so excited.... :-)

    Here is the web address if you want to see.
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    oh, and food in the caf is not to bad.
    I mean it is not my mommas home cooked meals but eh its fine.
    I will eat it.
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    Hey Girl,
    Long time no hear...... :-)
    Well, I can say that I am so glad that you and your sister are doing well and that everything with school is as well. What is your favorite class? You have alot of homework?

    and I am also glad to hear about you and Paul... :-)
    You two are so meant for each other.... I can't wait for you two to get married.
    You are going to have to send me pictures....!

    Well, I enjoyed my time home very much! :-)
    It was a lot of fun....
    and I loved being able to spend time with my mommy, dog, brother, grandma, and godparents.

    HEHEHEHE, yeah, I love my Kevin.....
    very much!
    Even though he upsets me sometimes. But guys are like that.

    School for me is going good.
    I am getting ready for my second week of classes and I hope that all goes as well as the first did.
    Ummm, I have to say that I dont really have a favortie class yet.
    I believe that it is to early to tell.
    But once I find out which one I LOVE I will let you know. Do you have one?

    Well I am sorry this is so short..........
    But I have some math hmwk I have to do, I need to hook up my printer to my computer, check my aols, and get ready for bed.
    And on top of all that I have a room full of my friends....
    So, yeah, I will message you more later.

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    I did go home for the weekend.
    I don't really like being back in Ashe County but I am glad to have had the time to see my mom, brother, dog an grandma. I have missed them all VERY MUCH- and I am actually sad to have to leave again tommorrow.
    I hate leaving my mom- I will probably break down again.


    Okay new subject, before I ball my eyes out now....

    Well its no problem bout the Skype thing.
    I was just wondering if you did. I actually don't know if I am going to keep mine.
    I don't have a lot of people to talk to, sooooo.
    We will see.

    I just got done visiting with Kevin's family. It went good... ;-)

    How is school going for you and your sister?
    Anything new?
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    Did you and Paul get my skype invite?
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    I can honestly say that I feel like...
    I have the best Fiance in the entire world :-)

    because he, Kevin, had Roses sent and delivered to my School,

    Ugh, I can hardly stand it!
    I am so loved......

    When I went to go get them, and then when I was walking back to my dorm room, everyone was telling me how gourgeous they are and how "LOVED" I must be.......
    and I have to agree with them, I am!

    <831 MY HONEY
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    Hey sweets! :-)

    Wow! It does sound like you have work learking around the corner....
    Eh, good luck and have fun with it! :-)
    Don't work to hard and remember to make time for me and Paul.

    I got a ? I was thinking of getting Skype......How all does that work? I need details? Should I get it? How would I find you on there? It don't cost anything right?

    Awe, don't get stressed out about school....
    You have made it this far so you will Ace this part too.
    I know you will.

    Yes I did get the job here at ETSU that I wanted.
    I love working there.
    My boss is so nice and the work honestly is not hard at all.
    I love it!

    I am so glad to hear that Paul is a changed man and that you two talk more often now. EEEEEKKKKK, I

    Have I mentioned lately that I miss you? In a totally friendship kinda way? LOL.....

    Anyways..... I am so glad to hear that he is that way...
    EEEEEEKKKKKK, that makes me so happy!

    Well my dear I am exhausted......
    I will message you more tommorrow and depending on when I get breaks tommorrow I will try to text you. Okay!

    Talk to you later. Love you and miss you girlie!

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    Hey Girl!
    I miss talking to you, however, I know that we have both been very busy- like to the hill.

    So how is college for you going? Your classes? Work?
    Hope all is well.................

    Mine are going great.
    I can definitely say that I am getting in the hang of things now.
    So things are seeming less scary. :-)

    Well if you get free time txt me sometime.....

    Love you and miss you BFF!

    P.S. How is Paul doing? You and Paul, still good right?
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    Well I am sooooooooo glad to hear that everything is 100%+ between you and Paul. That is so great, and yea I agree time will fly by till our men are home next year.
    I can't wait- I still cant believe that it has already been 2 months and 24 days since he left, it is soooo unreal....

    Oh, yeah, Kevin and I are good.
    I haven't gotten to talk to him lately because of everything that I have been doing with Preview- for college- but yeah.......
    I can say I love him and miss him and that being in college makes me want him a hundred times more, but nothing I can do about that-except wait.

    As for college life. I agree, I am sure that it wont be to long until I get used to everything and in the swing of it all. :-)

    Well I am going to get going for now. I am tired and ready to hit the hay- HAHAHA!
    So I will talk to you more later.

    P.S. Just out of curiosity have you ever seen a hypnotist perform by the name of Dr. Wand because he was at ETSU last night performing and he said that he performed in Marshfield, WI before and when he said that it made me think of you. :-)
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    Gotcha Gotcha Gotcha!
    Idk, I was just wanting to make sure that you were not mad for some reason, like me not being able to be in your wedding.
    (Btw, I am still sorry about that)

    Anyways, how was your time with Paul? Did you two have fun, considering the misfortune of his grandmas passing? I hope you two are holding up well.......

    Well college life is.....
    However, I am hoping that in the next few weeks everything will calm down and I will get used to everything.
    But yea, I am enjoying college life.

    Have ur classes started???

    Well.....I am going to get going... I have to help a friend with a class problem!

    Tootles! talk to you soon....
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