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    awwwww, thank you so much. you totally made me teray eyed with all the sweet things you said. I love you so much I do wish you could be there with me to expeirence it. I cant wait to see Clinton and be able to be with him. I have so much crap to do this next week though. I am bringing the lap top so all is good with that. But I will have to share with DH. lol

    Hope you are having a good weekend so far. Today I spent the whole day shopping with my mom. That was fun for one last thing before I go. I am going to miss her so much. We do everything together.
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    I have an answer, my dad can do it so I will be leaving on Friday morning early and we plan on getting to GA on Sat. night. Then my dad will leave on Sunday because he has to be back to work Tuesday morning which he takes the train because it's the cheapest way. I am excited to be with my husband but I am sad to leave my family this time. I am an Auntie now and it just makes it harder for me. But I am up for an adventure.

    Yes they are great landlords and I am sad to leave them. They really worked with us and are wonderful people so I will make sure to keep in touch with them. I just hope they can find someone else to rent to because they need the income.

    Had to share that I am going early to GA Hope you have a good night and talk to you soon.
  3. Yea, they probably will but I am sure that they understand because he did re-enlist and Im sure they knew you would be stationed somewhere else. Thats the military for you! Home is where ever they put ya! (I miss that part, sad.)
    I am sure they understand. It is probably sad for you too, were they nice landlords? That is hard to come by sometimes. Think of it as an adventure!! Thats how I always look at everything. If not, I would go crazy! He-He!
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    Well they never had me sign a new lease when the old one was up. But my parents are going to keep it for another month to get all of my crap out. So technically we will give a 30 day notice. I just know that they will be sad for us to leave
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    Thanks for all the happy thoughts It's suppose to be 63 here today. That is a major heat wave for Maine. lol I dont have to much to do this weekend. Once I find out what I am doing I should start packing some of my crap. Then I need to tell my landlords. Not looking forward to that.
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    Hey girl, i wont find out until tomorrow night or Saturday if my dad will be able to do it next weekend. I keep hoping and praying that he will be able to have the four days off. I dont know what I will do if I have to wait until the very end of May. I am ready to go now.

    He did start his core class the othe day so that is a good sign and hopefully he will finish on schedule. I thought maybe he would call me tonight but guess not. Sorry to hear that you all are sick. Hope you all get well soon.

    Have a great weekend and talk to you soon. Love and miss ya. Hugs
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    Yes, I am glad that I get to cook for him again too. I eat like crap when it's just me because I dont want to make big meals. I just hope my dad gets those days off and they dont chang it on him or I will have to wait until May. Hopefully I will know by the end of this week or beginning of next week.

    I had a good time at my parents and we did have some good food I just got back this afternoon. I got my military ID so I am more official. Hope your back is feeling better and that you had a great easter. Talk to you soon.
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    I heard from him finally and he said the place is a shit hole. They lost his luggage and the other 2 guys that he was traveling in with. They put him a temp. room because they gave him a key to a room that was already full. I cant wait to get down there so he can stay with me. They asked him if he needed a room or if he was going to live off base. So I am happy he will be able to stay with me.

    I dont know what part of MD we will go through. I know we usually go down 81 and 84 through PA. Hopefully we can still go that way and it connect to the highway we need to get to GA.

    Hope you had a good night, talk to you soon. Big Hugs
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    Sounds like fun, I love easter dinner. Clinton got to GA today and I am waiting for him to call me. I might be leaving the weekend of the 24th of this month to go down there. My parents will have to pack all my crap up but they offered. My dad has like 4 days off and hopefully that wont change.

    Tomorrow I am going to go get my ID and then on Saturday I have to go to my brother and SIL's blessing of their wedding vows. I will then go up to my parents to spend the night since it will be late. As for Easter Sunday I dont know what my mom is making or if we are doing anything.
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    Hi girl, how are you doing this week? What are your plans for Easter? Hope you have a great one. Love and miss ya
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