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    No worries, that is quite alright! Hope everything is okay! And yeah I am hanging in there but it has gotten a little easier but I see my bf in two days! I can't wait!!! It's been way too long and aww how are you holding up? How long is he deployed for if you don't mind me asking? Yeah it sucks when your family says things like that because like you said, they don't understand at all. And I know how much my boyfriend loves me and exactly why he went in to the army.. is because he wanted to build a better future for us both not just for himself.
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    Hope you're doing okay today!
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    i really appreciate the help but i don't really feel comfortable emailing just due to the fact that it is attached to my real name but thank you... so much
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    thank you.. honestly that all i wanted... i just wanted a little boost of emotional confidence that yeah it happens but be strong you know? not what i expected at all... he told me every time he goes on a mission he kisses the picture he has of me in his chopper. i sleep with his t-shirt next to me every night.. when his cologne faded from it i cried for hours because the smell of him helped me sleep... I'm sitting here crying writing to you because I'm seriously torn by what these people are saying... i don't even want to read anymore... like i said i know i overreacted... I just turned 20 this is the first time i have been through this. i have no friends or family that have been through this sort of this so its really fuckin hard because I'm alone...
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    thank you so much... I'm really trying... honestly I'm doing everything i can to keep my mind off of it. i have 2 full time jobs and i take care of my family plus taking care of the house, yard work and my dog... but I've broken down a few times... its hard as hell and i joined this site thinking people could help me and all i got was people making fun of me and pretty much telling me that he's ghosting... i know i over reacted but it hurts... of course i don't want to hear that theres a possibility that he doesn't want to be with me.. i love him... thanks again. ill continue to reply until i figure out how the hell to delete this stupid account
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    I don't know how to respond to your message on my profile but thank you. I'm sitting here crying because you are the only person that has been nice to me on here... the last time he didn't call it was a month without hearing from him. This time it's been almost 2. I know he loves me he fought to be with me. I'm in Canada and he's from the us... we love eachother more then anything. When we were able to talk and he was at a us militay base in another country he sent me his Tshirt and his lucky badge. I keep his badge next to my heart everyday... I know it's a long time without hearing from him and I'm worried but I know he's not the kind of person that would just ghost and just not call to break up with me.... this has been so hard on me and I've never joined something like this before. I read other posts and people were so nice to them and then I just want to know if people have gone that long before and they are just so rude... I explained I didn't want to answer questions and they turned that around to 'I know it doesn't make sense and I just don't want to hear it' ...
    I know this is long but seriously thankyou...
    I'm going to deactivate my account but honestly thankyou so much for being the only person that was actually helpful in a kind way..
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    Hi! I just saw your comment on my post, thank you for your advice! But is your SO in basic also? And yeah i hope it gets easier though. I have been doing only until these last few days.. I slipped up lol. i cry still and i just don't want to stop being upset and continue to live my life because I know my DB would not want me to be like this. And i think it will probably get easier for me when i see him again. i am having a hard time also because my family only say negative things like oh you know he will be fighting in front line and he may be killed and such? and another family member said oh if he truly loved you.. then he wouldn't have left. And it really doesn't help me at all. its so frustrating. I know my DB loves me and he did it to benefit us. We plan on getting married while he is in the army and such. And we don't choose who we fall in love with.
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    That's a really mature way to handle it I hope you get an answer one way or another very soon! In the meantime what things can you go do that you enjoy doing? Any sports? Shopping? (That second one is always helpful to me lmao)
    Well since we aren't using the chapel first we have to make sure one will be available on the date so they can come out. And also some chaplains like to have counseling sessions first. This one is one of those. So I have a meeting on the 10th with FI and the chaplain. FI is more religious than I am though so I'm a little nervous they'll refuse because of my being LDS and not much of a church goer.(Double whammy lolol) My dad was navy and he and my mom didn't use a chaplain so I have no experience using this air force chaplain either. Totally new experience for all of us XD
    I hope I will with the power of makeup but I'll be honest. I'm not much of a looker so not sure there's much hope lmao but we'll see XD
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    Awe oof That really sucks. I hope he shapes up soon so you can work on this Do you have anyone to talk to so you can figure out if this is anything you even do want to try and get past? So he won't at least apologise even confronted with proof? That is terrible x.x How long were you all together? (Sorry if you had told us and I don't remember :/ )
    I do have most of it together. There's just a few things I do need to get going with like flowers and making sure the chaplain will marry us. I'm supposed to put the check in for the musician in a few days. Most of the stress is just about waiting to know how many people will show up at the wedding so I can put in my final counts. I might end up putting up a few pictures after the wedding if I don't look too terrible lol
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    Awe lady! No problem I'm definitely sorry to hear about that. I had an ex do that to my once. I know how hard trying to decide if you can get over it can be I guess it just depends on how much you love him and if you feel you can REALLY forgive him and not hang it over his head the rest of your life I forgave mine so it's possible. But it was hard I'm happy to listen if you need anytime. Keep hanging in there! Feel free to pm whenever you get PMs

    I'm getting married July 21st. I cannot wait!
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About LuciR
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
Grew up in the same church and eventually that friendship turned into a relationship!
About Me:
Daughter, sister, god-mother to a beautiful baby girl! Love DB with all my heart!
I'm a piano teacher and teach kids from Kindergarten to 7th grade.
I lead the Children's Church ministry at my church & love it!
Currently I'm taking online classes to be a certified minister as well as continuing my education as a Music Therapist.
About Us:
Have been dating for a year and a half but have known that we wanted to be together for long before that. We definitely have marriage plans in the future but are holding off on that until we feel more settled in our own lives and careers. Not rushing things and taking our relationship as a gift one day at a time!
Interests & Hobbies:
Current full-time hobby: RUNNING. To pass the time while DB is away, my sister and I are planning to run a half-marathon in October.
Other hobbies: reading (have any good suggestions?); music; broadway musicals....
Pretty much anything except country. Love Claude Debussy, ABBA, 21 Pilots
Love watching reruns! The Office, Scrubs, Ugly Betty.
Promised DB I wouldn't watch Grey's Anatomy until he gets back.
Anything by Jane Austin!!
Lisa Bevere also, check her out for encouragement
Piano teacher-yes I do that all day every day. I'd be glad to teach your child!


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