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    You might want to clear out your PM inbox. I’ve been trying to message you and it won’t let me because you don’t have any room!
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    Hey sorry I somehow never saw this message. The yards there are pretty small, but that's typical for any base housing. I remember people had trampolines or swing sets in their backyards. We have big dogs too so they told us the only thing we qualified was for Santo Terrace - Murphy Canyon.
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    I am ok. My 3 year old is testing me very much. No naps anymore. And even when you to put them in day care or something you still don't feel relaxed. Ready for evening backup to come home. I will say for my own personal experience oh how i miss the deployment days of just ME.
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    Ahhh! I'm so sorry this was late, I never got the notification of a new visitor message for some reason. I honestly don't know anything about medic to RN programs, but if they are through a brick and mortar school I say go for it! I do know that it can be difficult to be hired (in general, I know nothing about the Navy Corps) if your degree is through a strictly online program that requires you to find preceptors for your own clinicals. If you can't get into a quick BSN program I would suggest doing an ADN program and then completing a BSN program while you work. I completed my ADN because I knew we would not be stationary long enough for a BSN program. Almost all RN to BSN programs are 100% online, so they're super easy to complete while working or with a large family. I am going through University of Texas and I actually finish with my BSN next month. There are no clinical components to RN to BSN programs, all of those are completed in your ADN program, so it's all research/statistics, legal, etc classes to complete your BSN. I know that won't help you with your nurse corp plan, but if that doesn't work out for some reason and you do decide to still try nursing school I think that might be your best route with a family!
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    We have never been deployed at the same time. They really try not to do that to us but sometimes it happens. DH was deployed last year and was actually gone when Caspian was born. We currently live in California and our family is in Texas and Oklahoma. We were in Japan and Turkey previously so we have never lived near family since having kids. Both kids go to the CDC on base but Aria has gone off base and in Turkey she had a Nanny.

    We haven't had any issues with work and the kids but we are both at ranks that allow us some freedom to do things. I feel like being lower ranking with kids can be more difficult because you haven't gained that lever of trust and responsibility yet.
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    Hi, thank you it really means a lot. I'm just going through the motions, its different not having my mom around especially since I still live at home. It's definitely a new lifestyle to get used to.
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    I am still fairly new on using the site, I saw you asked how I was and I didn't know how to go about responding then the posting was gone. But first off thank you for checking on me. I am trying to maintain. Deployment on top of everything else going on has been difficult and I don't really have anyone to talk to, not even him. I am just trying to cope and take one day at a time.
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    TA is tuition assistance. They paid for 12 semester credit hours a year (I believe it is 16 now) when my DH used it. Since your DH doesn't have much college left it shouldn't take long to finish but he could take his time, too.

    I'm not sure about the waivers. My DH took care of all that and it was a long time ago. Lol He was in the reserves when he rejoined, too. They added his reserves years for pay purposes. For instance, he hits his AD 20 years this month but because they include his reserves years for pay he gets paid the 22 year rate for his rank.

    Btw, we're from NE Ohio.
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    CONGRATS on the baby! How wonderful! Thank you for your kind words. I don't know how old your other children are but maybe they can try to help with some of the basics if they are a little older? Hopefully you will get lots of extra feel good hormones with the arrival of your newest addition I do miss those super hormones ...made me feel like superwoman!!!

    Yes, when I run on fumes I try to tell myself it can only get better again from that low point and that things can only get better. Having been there too many times over the past few years with the deployments and training I am getting better at recognizing when it is stating to happen so I can try adjust so that I don't hit that low. But once in a while it still sneaks up on me and catches me off guard! It is great to have a place to vent and share all the good the bad and the ugly...but hopefully mostly the good!
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    Honestly thank you so much for taking time out of your day to share your story with me. Your mil sounds awful. I am so sorry you had to experience that. It truly makes life like hell. I don't know how a mother can hurt and manipulate their own child like that. It is so terribly sad.

    My mil has had toxic relationships with basically ever family member in her life and has no relationship with her other children. Of course, it is everyone else's fault, not hers.

    Your husband sounds so much stronger than mine. I wish he could see how toxic she is like your husband has. It's like he knows it but because of her illness since he was a child she has used that against him. I genuinely believe that he feels like if he cuts her off she will die. And I don't think he could live with the guilt. She has said over and over to him we only have each other.

    Do you think you leaving was the thing that made your husband finally come around? I am devastated to be without him. Do you think there is any point in trying to make it work... after he betrayed me with allowing this woman and mother in our home? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to a complete stranger. I am horrified to tell my friends or family any of this until I get my thoughts/plan together... And I think it is wonderful that you were able to keep your family together and work through things. Thank you again!
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