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    Sweet! Looking forward to it! A bit over a week for you now huh??? I am so excited for you!! Mine isnt til july 21st so i still have a little under 2 months left x.x

    Hmm road trip tips? We try to stop every couple hours at a rest stop and take a quick walk and get fresh snacks and drinks. It helps alot i think!
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    You're coming up on that close! I would love to hear all about it when it happens!!!

    Awe booo!!! I hope you'll find some similar things to do in the new place!! But it sounds like it will definitely be an adventure! Are you guys bringing a truck of your stuff or is that coming later on?

    Yeah I have my back injury keeps me from working right now so I find volunteer work keeps me busy and in the community at least xD At my job right now I help one of the teachers with whatever she needs. Mostly grading papers. Sometimes art projects. In past school volunteer work I helped some students test. We will see what I get to do when i look into the school system here. I'm going to try to remember to stop by the school close to us today after the chaplain

    Your volunteer work sounds neat! Did you get the take the blood yourself or just help them do it?

    I would guess if there's no wildlife centre there that a humane society to keep working with animals or a school would be a good fit xD Both are really worth it! Also let me know if you want to switch to pm
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    Awesome!! Any luck with a date yet?

    Those trails sound fun even for me! I take it you've done some research on the new area already to kinda see what is in it? Have you decided about where you'll live yet?

    Netflix is awesome. Amazon prime has some good stuff on it too depending on what you like xD
    I volunteer in the school system where I live. I'm hoping to continue when I move in July during th3 next school year. Or maybe see if I can do anything for the spouse group depending on what kind of help they look for. I used to volunteer for the animal shelter before I moved to my current place. I loved the kitties what do you do at your volunteer job? It really sounds like fun.
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    Wow! Congratulations!!! That sounds Wonderful! When do you get to move with him?
    Hiking sounds interesting Are there trails near you? I admit I'm more creampuff. I like to chill inside more on the laptop and watch Netflix or and go to the gym with my spare time. I also really enjoy doing my volunteer work during the year
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    Yeah me too hopefully you're getting some relaxation and fun in there too!!! I might be a bit slow to answer back for a bit. I have no computer here. Just my phone lmao
  6. Yeah everything is alright. I've just had school, work, and wedding planning so it adds up!

    I hope that she works out for you! It's all so exciting and crazy!
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    That's okay. Figured you were just busy Hope everything is okay
    Well we have a meeting with the chaplain the week after I get into town so it looks like if they agree the chaplain will be a go But that's definitely an option if the chaplain doesn't work out. We are hoping she does though.
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    Very nice! We can't even go to get our license until late may. Here's to hoping you get a clear answer soon so you can really get down to business!

    Mine are going well. I have almost everything either paid or at least a deposit on it except for an officiant and the music. We are having a tough time pinning down an officiant. We heard we might be able to have a chaplain come out to the venue but they said they were busy on our wedding date. But now we got another email saying maybe they can do it after all. So we're just super confused and have to call Monday to see if we can get a real answer from them. Everything else is just dependent on how many people rsvp yes. I'm hoping it's not the 100 people I am expecting x.x
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    Yeah makes sense Hopefully you guys get useful information on that front soon! As far as the license goes make sure you know what you need to do to get that and if they can waive any waiting periods because he's active duty or not. Just in case (Can't remember if that was something you had checked into or not) I'm just excited for you because it's potentially so close!!
    And mine has been in for 3 years now
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