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  1. Im just in the beginning. I went and got a dog today it's something we discussed before he left. She's so sweet and timid because she has had a semi rough life but it helps a lot. Making progress with her watching her bond with me more and more. My daughter got to eat her first real food today it was banana and I videoed it for my husband. I hate that he's missing so much but I know he will watch it in the future. I feel like so much is happening and it keeps me happy. It's like every time something new happens I have the choice to be happy it happened or sad he missed it. So far I've done good at staying positive. I just wish I knew more army wives. I feel a little isolated. I wish I had army wive friends I could call so I had someone to talk about it with. I'm a talker lol. I'm so happy for you making it this far and you can definitely make it the whole way keep going. It's an experience that lets you get to know yourself better and appreciate that person more.
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    I hear you. The time flies when you don't want something to end I bet with your daughter, the time will fly by for you. there will be lots to do and lots to keep you busy I'm doing okay thanks, we hit the halfway point yesterday so I just have to do what I just did, over. Lord give me strength lol! At least we're going downhill from here
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    It's okay to break down! I understand how hard it is. But after he leaves you can finally look forward to something good (him coming home) instead of constantly dwelling on the bad (waiting for him to leave). You'll get into a routine and can start counting down That's good you at least have some support, but yes unless they know about this lifestyle, it's hard to be emotionally supportive. Which is where this site and myself come in! My SO's timeline is 9 weeks, and we're almost halfway through that now. I would love to text, although I'm from Canada and can only imessage if you have an iphone! I understand the craziness, don't feel like you need to respond right away! You're going through a tough time. Enjoy your last bit of time with your man!
  4. Thank you she is a major blessing. And I've been keeping it together well until about an hour ago when I really broke down. It's just harder everyday the closer and closer we get to him leaving. I have my mom on some Wednesdays and weekends that can help me but his mom isnt a very emotionally supportive person and isn't my biggest fan either. How long will your SO be gone in total? Mine will be gone around 22 weeks total. And I love chatting with knew people about this life as well since we are knew to it I don't know a lot of people. It makes it so much easier to talk to people in similar situations. If you ever wanna to text instead I can give you my number. I just don't get to check on here everyday, things are a little hectic with a newborn and getting everything ready for my husband to leave.
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    Hi there! I just thought I'd respond to your message on my thread on here. Congratulations on the brand new baby!! We can most certainly be friends, I love chatting to new people about this life. How have you been holding up? You said he's not gone yet? the anticipation of them leaving always makes things harder. And then the first week or so after they leave is not the best, but you slowly get used to it. I'm around the first week mark and already am feeling so much better. I just keep looking forward to the homecoming, you know? I swear it gets better emotionally, just have to wait it out As for your little family, do you have anyone to help with the household? That must be difficult to run everything by yourself.
    We have a similar timeline I think, we definitely should countdown together! I'm always around if you need to vent or chat
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We are happily married and very close. we were best friends first and than fell in love and we are still best friends. We both want a very big family and just had our first in December 2016.
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