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    I hope you are feeling better. Luckily they fixed my oven, I didn't even think to ask you because I didn't know if you're family was still there. Yeah if you can hang out soon that would be great, starting to hate my house and my couch lol.
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    I don't know if it was part of the makeup but it looked like a bitemark lol. I would hope it's makeup because if not it's creepier then Marky Marc's third nipple.
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    Lol yeah when he took off his shirt to step into the sunlight his nipples looked really funny and it kinda made my stomach turn a bit. He's going to be in a new movie and he looked a little messed up because he get beaten up in the movie, god I can't remember the name of it right now but it's got alec baldwin in it too.
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    New Moon was pretty good, I don't know I still really prefer the books to the movies. My husband actually enjoyed it too lol and we both agree that Robert Pattenson is not very attractive and Jacob is better looking
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    This will be my first time in college, in high school I decided that it would be better for me to take a year off and save up money for school. I ended up graduating high school a year late because I got sick alot my spring semester my senior year and they took away the only credit that I needed to graduate. Then my ex wanted to go to school first and said he would pay for me to go when he got in the army, so I worked full time and paid all the bills then we broke up and I was left with nothing. Long story short something has come up every single year since I graduated to keep me from going back. I look back now and see how much time I've wasted and realize that I have done nothing that I can be really proud of. I feel better going back to school because atleast then I have something I can be proud of finally. I want to be atleast 3 years done before I have a baby that way I don't have a little to look after the whole time, props to the women who can do it but I don't know if I could do it.
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    That would be an interesting job a libarian, I'd get in trouble though with all those books at my finger tips lol. Well I'm not sure yet my husband thinks I would be good at History but I've still got English or Art on the table if I decide to teach a higher grade. I might end up teaching elementry school but they would have to be like 4th or 5th grade, I couldn't do kindergarden 20 5 year olds no thanks tehe. My husband's older brother is a history teacher in AZ. So did you just start school?
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    What are you majoring in?
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    If I had a kid I don't think I could juggle all 3 either, but I'm going to look for part time work once I find out my schedule so that I don't feel so bad about spending money on school or other stuff.
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    Oh I already know what I wanted to major in sorta, I'm going to get my AA for Humanities and social studies and then I'm going to transfer and get a bachelors degree in education, I'm still trying to figure out what grade level but if it's upper levels I'll either be a history or english teacher.

    That makes me feel better, that money is really going to help.

    So do you work or just go to school? Do you have just one kid?
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    It's two weeks but it's around Christmas so it's kinda depressing and I'll be here alone for the first time so it's kinda scary.

    Ah that's sweet I'm sure he'll love it.

    I don't what classes I'm going to be taking yet, I take my skills assesment on Nov 30 and when I went to the conselor on post he didn't have a course catalog for me to look at so I'm probably going to take a couple basic classes to start. I'm a little worried because I'm really depending on mycaa to take care of my first few semesters and I can't submit anything until I know what classes are so I'm a little stressed about that, I have a bit of money saved up but not enough for a whole semester.
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