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  1. That's so awesome that he gets vacation! I know how you feel. 30 days all in a row would be great but that makes it a one time deal. I get where he's coming from though. With travel time and everything I guess it's not as worth it to split it up. Yeah things relationship wise are good, I'm dragging things down with all of my issues though (or so it feels like). I'm working on it though.

    Yeah time differences are going to be the death of me lol. I wish I could talk to him but I'm not sure we'll ever be in the same "down time," because when he gets off work it's 2 am for me .

    I know what you mean about "needing to decide," it's kind of where I'm at right now. I love him and want to be with him but if he wants to deploy for the rest of his working life I'm not so sure I can do that. He keeps changing his mind and he's really not even sure what he ultimately wants. I did an LDR with an active duty member of the Army so this isn't super new. It's a lot different though. I just wish I could speed up the time when he is deployed and slow down the time when he is home. 3 weeks was not nearly long enough.
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    Yes he gets to come home for vacation. He wants to take all 30 at once which I'm not a huge fan of but we'll see. Aww props for making it through 2 of these! Still going okay for you guys?

    We have been imessaging a bit and he called once so far...I'm not thinking we will get to talk often. The 7 hour time difference is sooo hard to coordinate when I work 8-5 and he is 6-6. I totally get that frustration!

    We have only been seeing each other for about 4 months. It was really weird timing. He decided to take the job after dating for about 2 and I kinda had to decide there if I was going to back away or be in this. So far I'm all lucky us! I dated a Marine for a few years before (the reason I joined here) and I went through a deployment and LDR with him so I'm glad I have that experience at least.
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    Oh no no don't feel bad! 6 months is still a miserably long time...any separation is super tough. Complain away! It does feel like so long from now but he gets 30 days vacation at least. This is his 3rd deployment and possibly his last. What about for you guys?

    Sending him mail is more for my benefit than his I think. I like to waste time browsing every store for the cheesiest miss you/thinking of you cards I can find. I don't know why but it keeps me sane! I'm also going to try to keep a journal this time around...although I haven't written anything yet.

    I'm glad you get to talk often! That is always a relief. Is the internet not good enough to skype? I feel you on the time difference bf and I will have pretty opposite schedules so I'm anxious to get into a routine. I got a message that he arrived but that has been all so far.
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    Oh no! How much longer? Mine will be gone for 12 months. Feels like forever away....I did the exact same thing where I tried to work a full day afterwards! Didn't go so well either. Although I was way more of a blubbering mess yesterday than today. I may have already bought supplies to send him mail and the first letter may or may not beat him there. Are you able to talk to your bf often?
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    Glad you're doing ok! Your boyfriend left a bit ago, right? Mine leaves tomorrow. I am trying to stay strong until after he leaves. I hate this part!
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    Hey how's it going?
  7. Wow, I could not agree more with exactly how you're feeling. It's this emotional rollercoaster and I hate it. Plus, he's not the greatest at showing affection via text. In person he's one to hold hands and we'll cuddle at night and all of that stuff. Not so much via messages. I feel like I have to prompt a lot of it which bums me out. You said your DB is a contractor as well right?
  8. About the same. I feel like my moods keep cycling faster and faster from feeling positive about just keeping my chin up and pushing through this, to feeling lonely and just kind of sad about the stuff he's missing out on not being here, to just feeling like this is never going to end. I wish I were busier at work; things are at an unusual lull right now, so I have less things to occupy all my obsessive thoughts, ha.
  9. Hey there, just checking in to see how you've been holding up
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