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    Yes! I am super excited, we actually visited the area before he left (Charleston) and we really loved it! I am so happy to get to live there! I hope I don't have to wait too long to move in. And yes,that would just be awesome!!!

    Awwww thank you! Haha it made me so happy!! I was so lucky to get the call. And hopefully you will hear from him soon! Have you gotten the box? And I am the same way! I keep my phone on me at all times. Im so paranoid! Awwww I know that must have been tough not having him on the weekend I was telling my mom how weird it feels to not have him with me all the time. Its really depressing not having him there, we did everything together. We used to eat junk food and stay up all night..haha. It would be pretty depressing to do that by myself

    Im so happy we are friends on facebook now! Haha I even followed you on instagram, hope you don't think Im a creeper!
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    Oh good! I am so glad you got a phone call from him! That is awesome! And thats such a good idea to have letters ready to send once you have the address! It was such a good feeling to be able to send him multiple letters! That is really cool about your husband's job! Haha and I know! It is a long, long time! But I am actually really happy he has school for that long because ill be able to spend a little more time with him before deployments.
    Thats really cool! And I hope so! How cool would it be if we got to be living on the same base?
    And yes! I got a very thick envelope from him yesterday, he has been writing a bunch! He seems to really be doing well, he seemed to be in high spirits! And then today, I got a call from him!!! I was at my friend's wedding. I am always SUPER careful to stay in good cell phone range. Well, her wedding was in the middle of NOWHERE. With cell phone reception that was in and out.I felt really bad, but the whole time I couldn't even relax. But I kept my phone right next to me, just in case a call made it through. It started ringing and I saw it was an Illinois number! I ran outside but had missed the call. I got so upset, but thankfully he called AGAIN! I answered and it didn't even sound like him..and he started crying so badly, and I started crying. He told me he just couldn't believe he was hearing my voice it was really emotional! We got to talk for 32 minutes though! I was so happy!
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    Awwww, thats okay! I completely understand!! I know that must have been so hard for you-but at least he has started and this just means closer to him getting out now! That is so good, he has already made some friends! Awesome! Oh wow, I think my husband kept his wedding ring, or at least it wasn't in the box! I think they are allowed to have a small compartment for valuables, like their wallets and credit cards, so maybe he will put it in there! And yes! My husband did ship his phone home! He has a monthly pay as you go thing, and so there really wasn't a need for him to keep it, and I think they made him send it back anyways!

    That is really cool about your husband! I have an aunt from Pensacola! And my husband is doing the Nuclear program, its near Charleston, in a place called Goose Creek! Its going to last around two years though, I believe.

    Oh wow! That is so cool you live in California-I know that must be really pretty! I went once when I was little to San Francisco on a trip and really thought it was cool! But I really want to go back and see other parts-I know it must be beautiful! Awwww! There are some really pretty parts of Georgia, there's also some really stinky parts..haha! I really like it here, though. I have lived here my whole life though, so I am kind of ready to move somewhere new!
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    Haha its such an amazing feeling! I think its really going to make me appreciate the communication we have once we are back physically together. Sending letters takes SO long! I don't even feel like Im THAT far away from Chicago..Its about eleven hours away, so it could be worse, but I live in North Georgia and it still takes forever! Awwwww man, thats the worst My husband cried and that killed me, because im just not used to seeing him cry.

    And oh my gosh I know! I was so excited and surprised when I found that facebook page, I was so happy to think that I kind of get a look into what he's up to! And yes! Haha I had been picturing it in my mind completely differently, so its nice to know now what it actually looks like!

    Im not sure if I already asked this, but where is your husband's A school after basic training?
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    Thank you so much!!! I was so pumped!! I live on a super steep hill in a subdivision, and we have to go to a gatehouse to get our mail, which is at the bottom of the hill, so everyday I had been walking to get the mail, and this time when I saw I had a letter from him, I got so excited and ran the whole way home, haha bad idea, I was about to pass out. Awwww, that is so hard! We did the same thing for my DH and everyone was crying. It's tough! The first few days were definitely the most emotional..Im still really emotional, but it definitely helps having this site to go to! But yes please let me know! And no, it didn't have a letter from him I was really hoping that it would! And yes! Since your DH is leaving this week, it will be eight weeks from this Friday! Ahhh okay! I will have to go back through and look really close at the bright yellow. Its amazing to me how many I think might be my husband, and then the next picture is a close up of whoever I thought and its definitely not him haha!
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    Hey there!!! I was actually getting on to send you a message! I am doing awesome today because I finally received his address and graduation information in the mail-YAYYYYY! So I got his box about a week after he left, and it took me almost two weeks to get his address. The postage said the letter had been sent on May 6-I was surprised it took so long to come in the mail, but after reading the papers they sent, they said it usually took 5-10 days-crazy! I was getting so anxious! I want you to know im thinking of you this week! I know your DH is leaving soon, its really hard but at least we all have each other to talk to during it! And oh wow! I actually discovered the page a few nights ago, I have almost been going cross eyed looking at all the different pictures trying to find him! Do you know what your DH's friend was wearing? I noticed that their outfits are different, I wondered if the ones who had arrived more recently were the ones in the bright yellow outfits.
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    Oh really? That's exciting I'm great. Counting down the days till my husband comes home from going underway. Where are you guys staying? I'm in San Diego, CA
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    Hi!! i'm Tis. How are you?
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