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    Okay, I need you ask you something...will you be my wifey?
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    Happy New Year!!
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    My dd's room is a war zone and ds, not so much because they need somewhere to sit while watching tv! Although dd does like to lay a blanket down on the floor and it has to be neat so they can sit on it! One time she did that and told me she was at the beach!
    Ooooooo good song on the radio right now. Closer by NIN!!! I love this song! Brings back so many naughty memories! Sorry had to share that thought!
    Ever had a day at work where you were just not sure what you should do about something and you just didn't want to get up and ask??? That's me today. I have some paperwork that needs to be done by the 8th. I'm just waiting on two things and I want to ask someone what the next step would be, but at the same time, I just don't want to deal with it. I need a vacation!
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    I can feel your pain! My kids are all over the place! And with them being so young that means I'm constantly tripping over them and making sure they are being good. So when I'm at work it's like a vacation from my kids! As horrible as that sounds! I could never be a daycare provider, I don't have the temperment for it! I think my sitter is a saint to be able to put up with all the kids all day! Especially when she is putting up with my little demonspawns, I mean, sweethearts!
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    Um...yeah...we are perfect angels! Actually the other three are bogged down with work since two of them were on vacation last week and the other one was covering for one of them. So it was boring for me, but a nice break. But today one of our bosses is here. Joy! I only get Friday off, that's not fair that you get a short week! But at least it's still a short week for me. I can appreciate that. I like long weekends, the longer the better! Unless my kids are being brats then I want to go to work!!
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    Good luck with the party today!
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    The moment all the presents were opened, dd went to dh and asked him to open her new tinker bell and cinderella dolls. Then it was her dollhouse! Ds came up to me to open all his gifts as well. It was kind of cute! It didn't take long for them to start playing right away! It was nice to get a break!
    Today will prove interesting because so far, it's pretty quiet and none of our bosses are here! It's just me and three other gals working today. I know two of our bosses are gone all week and the other one...I don't know if he will be in later or not! But I'm enjoying the freedome! And it's a short week for me, we get Friday off for New Years! Do you work new years?
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    My kids got up at 7:20!! Well dd did. Ds was up at 7! So I had to wake dh up early, and he wasn't too thrilled but hey, it's christmas! Dd was so ecstatic over all her presents! Ds opened one gift then I had to coax him to open the rest. He wanted to immediatly take off to play with his new one instead of seeing what else he got! They both made out like bandits and I did too! Dh got me a jewelry box, a new watch and a really nice black onxy necklace that says MOM across it. He did good this year! It was a nice christmas. We also used our gift card money to buy the kids a little dvd player that we set up with our old tv in ds' room so they can watch their movies in there and we can actually get our tv back!! The kids love it! Happy Monday!
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