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    Hey I just saw your blog post about your boyfriends mother. I was wondering why she wouldn't talk to you. I had a boys mom who was so horrible to me at one point. If you want to talk about the situation more you can message me and maybe I can help you since I have gone through a similar experience.
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    Hey saw your blog post from the other day. I'm here if you need someone to talk to
  3. Can't wait to see my man on the 9th!!
  4. I got my first phone call from him on Thursday. You should've seen me. Lol. I heard his ringtone, pulled out my phone, squealed, and yelled out his first and last name in my excitement. Lol my mom loved every minute of it.
  5. April 8th we're gonna see him graduate!!! I'm so excited to see my man again!! His mom's super psyched to!!!
  6. I'm doing ok now. I've got classes starting on Saturday. And my family is moving to Vermont without me which sucks. I don't wanna leave the state because of him. He's got family here. His mother and daughter to take care of. I want to move but it's because the place is amazing and rent here can be pretty low for great quality. So I guess I'll just keep my apartment in md and visit the fam as often as possible. @.@ man why does this have to be so eww!
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    Hi olivia, im doin great. Actually im in okinawa at the moment, visiting my DB how are you? i hope everything is good between you and your DB.. how was your holiday?
  8. Hey how are you? What's up?
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    hello there, im priscilla, nice to meet you
  10. I just miss him though. It's hard but I'm being as positive today as I can be. I'm replaying all the good times we had together. It makes me more happy then sad surprisingly today. I wish it was easier though. I'm hanging out with two new supportive friends this weekend which'll cheer me up some about being alone on VD. I'm also going to hangout with his mom next week and that makes me super happy that she wants to get to know me more. I want to know her more to. Cuz she's really important to him. It's hard without him. But there's people who care how I'm doing without him. I'm starting two fun classes next month. A clay class and a "psychics and mediums within class" cuz that just sounds so cool. I'm pretty sure I'll meet awesome people there. The more good people I surround myself with the better off I'll be. Right?
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I've been on my own for a long time before I met him. It was really tough managing that. Because my family was always fighting with me. And my old friends were always half assing our friendships. I was used to doing all the work in my friendships and I was getting tired of it. I'm worried that my family will go back to feuding with me and wearing me down. And that my old close friends will continue to hurt me. But now I'm making more new supportive friends. They want to make me happy which is a nice change of pace. I'm getting to know his mom and getting more a part of his family. I want to get closer to them since they remind me of him and it makes me super happy that his mom thinks to call me when she just needs to talk to someone about him or about anything. My family is trying to put aside past differences and be supportive of me in my sad moments. I also started off having anxiety attacks when he left. Like when I forgot my phone at home I freaked out cuz I thought he might call and I wouldn't be able to answer. Things like that come randomly for me but I've been ok for a little while now. I have bipolar. But I'm completely stable right now. The anxiety attacks are situational and can't be prevented. Along with the situational sadness. I'm not depressed. I'm just sad. And that's perfectly normal for me right now. I think of it as a healthy sadness. I'll learn to live with it though and cope. One step at a time.
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I love him more then anything. He makes me laugh while I'm crying. He makes me into a more calm and happy individual. He's addictive in his peacefulness. He's strong and inspires that strength within me. He makes me be able to handle whatever life's dramas are thrown at me. He makes me into a more complete individual. He makes me want to be a better person. I love him. Always. <333 ^_^
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Art. Creating things. People. Humor. Positivity. Randomness. Finding humor in everything. Loudness. Fun. Laughing. Happiness. Not taking no for an answer.
Confessions of a military wife -> this book is funny and awesome.


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