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  1. I was hoping they were in the same company, but being at the same fort is close enough! It is so great to have found you. I have been in heaven with all the letters and have gotten daily letters while he is in reception. I do love writing the letters too. I was so excited to write to him last night that I didn't even take time to change out of my work clothes and woke up extra early on my day off this morning to get the letter out to the post office for the first collection time. I haven't gotten any letters from boot yet but it takes about 5 days for the letters to get here to California. Where are you located? I'm curious if your letters take that long too.
    It's amazing how expressive he is in his letters and how easy it is to communicate. It must be easier to to write about feelings and they must be intensified since he is so isolated there. I know he is not enjoying the company there, he has about 8-10 years on most of the guys and he has already equated it to high school with all the petty fights that have been occurring. I can tell he feels very alone and cannot relate to most of the people .
    It takes a lot of strength to go through this and I'm glad I'm not alone. I'm here if you need anything. I've been holding up well but I know that deep down I am upset. This experience is almost like a breakup, except you cannot be mad at them for leaving and you still love them and support them. How have you been doing? Were you together for long before he left?
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    Yep major sad parts of the day… sounds familiar haha. I find it especially happens at night if I'm alone. I almost wish everyone in the same boat as us could live in the same house. That way we could all comfort each other. No matter how much anyone says they understand, it just doesn't quite compare. Don't be afraid to let loose at times though. This is going to sound like a very cliche thing to say, but keeping feelings like that bottled up never does anyone any good. No letters yet, I actually just sent out his first care package and letter today. To be honest I'd be putting off writing the letter. I knew how sad it would make me and I was afraid to let down the barriers I'd built up since he left. I've gotten a few calls, some 5 minute Facebook chats, but for Thanksgiving my present was a Skype call with him! If you have any old voicemails from him, that's always an option. I haven't once deleted a voicemail from him, I'm a loon like that haha and the previous times he's left and I couldn't hear his voice I'd play them back again. Maybe some home videos? Not the same, but it might help Not dramatic at all, and don't ever feel like you don't have a reason to be sad or miss him. I can't tell you how much that means. You're strong, no doubt. Keep your chin up, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm here now and always will be if you care to chat
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    Means a lot to me more bad days than good, but I'm holding up and thats all that counts I guess. Hoping being back home for Christmas in a few weeks will help things. What about you? Doing well I hope.
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    Good, see he just left and you already know the key to success. Keeping busy is exactly what you'll need. Good call on keeping yourself with constant company. I've always loved having time to myself, but when it came to DB leaving my mind seemed like my worst enemy and that's when I would let myself lose it.

    It's ironic that at the time, we want the moment of saying goodbye to last forever, but in the end it's the hardest part that the quicker it is the less painful. I remember sitting in the parking lot waiting for the to round up the group to leave on the bus and I wanted every second to count. That moment, was the worst torture I've ever experienced. It's great that you two get a little time together, no matter how short. It might be just what you need in order to survive the next stretch of his deployment. Having that time off is even better Knowing that at least one man can come home and be with the one he loves gives the rest of us hope.
    No need to thank me, that's why I joined this site. To seek help and advice from others and hopefully return the favor. I know all too well what you're feeling right now, and let me tell you the first week will be hard. Probably what you've been hearing from other people, but I'd be lying if I said it flew by. Just remember, it's alright to let yourself go. The longer you keep all of it bottle, the worse things will end. Chin up girly
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    Aww thanks for the message I'm holding up alright. Some days are better then others and it's like you said. My emotions are still all over the place. Just been keeping myself distracted or better yet, my roommate has been refusing to let me have too much free time to myself. And for that I thank her. I think the better question is how are you doing? Coming from someone who just went through the goodbye process I hope you'll take comfort knowing that the hardest part is behind you. I'm here to talk, any hour, any day. I really do appreciate you checking in on me, I'm here for you.
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    Thank you for your lovely message on my thread! I agree it's very comforting knowing I'm not alone, would love to hear your story and whatnot If you have an email, I'll send you mine on here and delete it off then when you've got it
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    No problem!!
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